Bushman and Ironman Fridges Albury Wodonga

We have a complete range of fridges suitable for every vehicle and we stock the Bushman and the Ironman 4×4 range. Make sure you drop in store to discuss which type of fridge will best suit your requirements. We also have a large range of fridge slides to safely secure your fridge for long trips.

If your exploring Australia or just going camping for the weekend these portable fridges and freezers will keep your food fresh and your drinks icy cold.

Ironman 4×4’s range of portable 12v / 240v fridge freezers covers a range of sizes and designs to suit everyone’s needs.

To see the range of Ironman fridges click here.

To see the range of Bushman fridges click here.


We’ve been building high quality portable, off grid and mobile fridges and accessories for our Australian customers for over 20 years. We don’t make fridges to look fancy, we don’t make them out of cheap stuff like plastic, and we certainly don’t include unnecessary gimmicks like wifi or Bluetooth.

We believe a fridge should stay cold regardless of what you throw at it – and should always be at the temperature you set it to. To do this, we keep things pretty simple. After all, we believe that simplicity is the key to reliability. If we’re going to do something – we do it properly.

If it works – we don’t fix it. But if it’s broken – we fix it straight away.